Reminding myself of the light within.

The traveler driving down a lonely country road at night, is encouraged by the distant twinkling lights of her destination.

But it’s the headlights of her car that keep her from driving off the road.

In life we are drawn toward the bright light of desire and distant dreams.

But only the light we carry with us, will keep our wheels on the road and our footsteps on the path.

We have to keep that light burning.


This is a re-post from a few years ago but sometimes I need to remind myself about trusting my own light. 

4 responses to “Reminding myself of the light within.”

  1. This is a beautiful post and painting, and kind of incidentally I wrote down a line of a song from the musical Godspell whicht goes: you got to stay bright to be the light of the world.


  2. Lynna! Here you are! I lost track of you somehow. Thank GOODNESS I’ve found your blog again. Whew. Just ADORE your repost. Words I think I needed to hear today for sure. (thank goodness for ms. melanie!, she reconnected me to you…)


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