I am off to an art opening today but my heart and mind is with Ukraine.

I have never been to Ukraine. But growing up so many of my friends came from Ukrainian backgrounds. I knew so many kids proud of their heritage. I knew so many who used to go to their Ukrainian Dance competitions and I remember sitting in the audience cheering for their group at the Ukrainian hall amazed at all the spinning and leaping and the beautiful blouses and colourful skirts and the boys in red boots. . My cousin was proud to be half Ukrainian and when he married an African Canadian woman, he made sure his half- black son was just as proud of his Ukrainian roots. Don’t get me started on how I am an expert of real Ukrainian food by the way, as I was educated in those early days of my life by my best friends grandmother, on various kinds of borscht. So though I am thrilled and excited to go off to my gallery opening today, and so happy that some of my paintings are displayed with nine other talented artists in a beautiful new space, the Ukraine is in my heart and mind. The show is called How the Light Gets In and somehow this seems like a time when we need the light more than ever. As most people I know are celebrating the easing of the mandatory mask restrictions and the gardeners are celebrating the budding of new life, because life here goes on as usual, we still need to remember what is happening in the world, and hopefully find some way to do something– anything. I’ll keep you posted. What can artists do? I am thinking about it. In the meantime here is an article about art in Ukraine from the BBC that I hope you will read.

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