Collection 1

Abstract interpretations of the living land.

When I paint the land in an abstract style I am responding to the moment and inquiring into the here and now. Feelings are stirred, memories evoked imagination comes out to play. In my landscapes it’s not so much that I am painting nature but more that I am painting my experience of it. Sometimes I am painting inner landscapes because often our inner lives are reflected in the art. Sometimes I seek to capture the simplicity and sometimes the complexity of life in a painting. These landscapes are both serene and energizing, and sometimes dark and desolate but always revealing a ray of light. The dark paintings I hope allow us to see through the darkness to the light in our lives.

Silver Lake
Cool contemporary decor with a bold expressive abstract landscape

Collection 2

Pure intuitive abstraction combining complex layers of texture, colour, sweeping gesture, and bold marks to arrive at something intangible and unique and reflective of the magic and mystery of life.

Sometimes the work is purely gestural, intuitive and expressionistic. It focuses thematically on movement and emotions through colour, design, pattern, texture and line. I challenge myself to play with different ways to make abstract art as part of my creative practice. This works appeals to collectors who like bold statements that create a focal point for a room.

I use the world lyrical in this style of abstract painting  because of the poetic  sensibilities of harmony and composition that govern my choices. The paintings emerge from an deep inner dialogue between my external and internal worlds. The process begins with the physical act of applying paint and then responding to the marks I have made,through adding subtracting and layering,  as if my intuition is having a conversation with the paint on the canvas. The painting itself hopefully speaks its own language to the heart and mind of the viewer.


A contemporary original abstract painting can be the anchor point for a room and create a soothing and at the same time elegant atmosphere.

Collection 3

And now for something completely different, sometimes I mix it up and my canvas becomes a theatre. I leave the world of landscape and abstract painting and invent imaginary characters inspired by the Human Comedy. This work is collected by people who love expressive and stylized portraiture that makes a bold statement. My portraits are not realistic but rather seek to express again the intangible human qualities I am so fond of.

Sometimes a bold statement with a stylized portrait conveys the creative atmosphere that enlivens a space and activates inspiration.

Collection 4

In 2020 and 2021 during the lock-down I was amazed at how nature seemed to thrive without us. I went in a completely different creative direction. The city streets were quiet, the air was clean, I painted big bold flowers to remind myself, we humans are not in charge. Nature is in charge.

Spring Splendour

Collection 5

Birds have a strong symbolic presence for me and represent inner wisdom and deeper ways of knowing.

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